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    What We Can All Learn From The Brilliance of Stacey Abrams

    Talk about the ultimate black girl sister magic we need right now! Stacey Abrams is ALL OF IT.

    If you don’t know her name by now, it means you haven’t been tapping in or paying attention. And you should…because she could teach us, black sisters, something about being a true team player. 

    Rightfully, she should now be Georgia’s governor. 

    The former Georgia state representative – the first woman to lead either party in the Georgia General Assembly and is the first African-American to lead in the House of Representatives. She is a Yale Law School graduate, and tax attorney and became a household name when she ran for governor of her home state in 2018, but she lost that election to Brian Kemp under suspicion of what appeared to be racially motivated voter suppression

    The Associated Press reported that after investigating on the eve of the election, Kemp, then Georgia’s secretary of state, mass-canceled more than a million voter registrations between 2012 and 2018, and in the run-up to the tight gubernatorial race, froze an estimated 53,000 registrations, a majority of them belonging to African American voters.

    Sad, but true!

    Anyway, Stacey Abrams lost the election by a margin of about 55,000 voters, and she did not contest it, ask for a recount, or cry about it. What did she do instead? 

    She doubled down!

    She told Vogue recently: “I sat shiva for 10 days. Then I started plotting.”

    This is something I’ve been urging those close to me to do lately – to plot – while the world rages on…

    Stacey Abrams got to work. Here’s what she did.

    • In 2013, as a member of the state legislature, she created a voter registration nonprofit called the New Georgia Project, which completed 86,000 new voter applications. 
    • In 2018, she launched the nonprofit Fair Fight to combat voter suppression. She tripled Latino, Asian American, and Pacific Islander voter turnout and doubled youth participation in Georgia.
    • Produced the film “All In: The Fight for Democracy”, which delves into the centuries-long construction of voter suppression in the United States.
    • In 2020, she triumphantly registered over 800,000 new voters since 2018 and helped squash suppressive policies like “exact match,” which had required registrations to precisely match voters’ licenses down to the hyphen. or risk being thrown out.

    To put it clearly, Stacey faced racially driven voter suppression, but instead of feeling sorry for herself, she rose up to make sure that next time around, people of color could vote in historic numbers. And it seemed to work!

    Everyone thought she would have been chosen as Biden’s running mate, and when that didn’t happen I assume they were asking well, what now?

    If Biden clinches the win in this election, he has Stacey to thank for her efforts. Flipping Georgia is huge!!! And a black woman did that!! 

    And it would be useful to mention here that since Bill Clinton in 1992, Georgia hasn’t given its 16 electoral votes to a Democratic president. Uh-huh! 

    But enough of the politricks! 

    I am here to tell you what you should be taking away from Stacey’s amazing show of character even with a huge loss under her belt. 

    Keep reading…


    What You Can Learn From Stacey Abrams Today to be a Better Individual, Team Player, or Sister Tomorrow


    1. It’s all winning even if you don’t get what you want. 

    We all want to win. It’s a fact! The truth is some of us are addicted to winning more than we enjoy the process of getting to the win.

    But winning isn’t everything. Sometimes we have to take an L, and that makes our vision a little clearer and our mission much stronger.

    Vince Lombardi hit the nail on the head: “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is!”

    Stacey wanted to win and she worked hard toward it. She did what was necessary but the result was not favorable for her back in 2018. And I assume she was disappointed.

    That’s ok, but there was something bigger at stake. No way she could have predicted what we are seeing happen here today in 2020 – turning the tide for Georgia. Staying the course, doubling down on her efforts, and believing in the greater good may produce a win for her party, and for the people of Georgia!


    2. You may be the visionary behind a movement and that’s all.

    When you have a vision or idea for something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be the one to carry it out or be recognized or celebrated for it.

    Perhaps your part in the process is just to share the idea or vision of what could be. Perhaps you may have to help build it, but it stops there.

    Sometimes it requires that you lift someone else up to help lift yourself. A loss for Stacey in the 2018 primaries meant her going back to base and strategizing to put Biden in a position to win.

    A win for Biden in the state of Georgia is an automatic win for her.


    3. NO may mean losing the battle, but winning the WAR.

    Many times when we don’t get what we want and we work hard toward it, we get sour and bitter. We pout and give up, throw in the towel because we hate losing and that feeling of defeat.

    But if we just stay the course, it may be that we got a ‘no’ because that position was not for us at that time.

    You see, we all have a purpose on this earth and sometimes the things we think are meant for us really don’t jive with our purpose. Like partners, or jobs, or positions.

    Sometimes the win we are looking for comes later, but it’s a win nevertheless. Stacey lost the race for Governor to Kemp, but now there are rumblings about her being DNC Chair!

    A win, and not too late if you ask me!


    4. Sometimes not winning means taking one for the team.

    To be a team player means sometimes your personal win isn’t on the front burner. It means you’ll have to work hard for someone else to shine, but your reward will come because you took one for the team; because you were patient about the process and continued to work hard even when you felt defeated.

    It also means understanding that in the long run there’s a lot more than your feelings at stake; and what you do it for the greater good because the WIN is always greater.

    This idea that we exist on our own and achieve solely by our own efforts is silly, selfish, and backward. Yes, I said it!

    Through collaboration and community, we can break down barriers and ensure a win for all.

    So as you count your L’s today and consider your next move, consider this. It isn’t in the winning that shows true character but in the losses and setbacks and next moves.

    And of you can’t stand losing , here are 10 Books To Help You Liberate Yourself. 

    Isn’t it a greater feeling to be able to inspire a movement toward change for your country than to just be given a title? I think so. 

    Stacey Abrams has carved out a space for herself in history by inspiring 1.2 million Black Democrats in Georgia to vote for her, and by gaining the highest percentage of the state’s white Democratic voters in a generation.

    If this isn’t some #blackgirlmagic I don’t know what is. And no matter whose side you’re on, you have to admit Stacey Abrams is a sister with some black woman power. 

    To take on the fight of ensuring that every person in the United States has the right to vote…whooooo!

    I would take that as a win for the legacy of my people, and no one else can say they’ve done that! 

    We salute you, sister Stacey Abrams!

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