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Meet Tonnia Harry-Matthews, an entrepreneur, business consultant, business coach, project manager, graphic designer, creative, boy Mom, wife, believer and doer.


From an early age, she understood the importance of peopleprocesses and solutions and how they fit together to achieve success in both life and business. Always having a penchant towards entrepreneurship, she started and operated 3 micro businesses prior to the age of 18 that complimented my formative education in business studies. She went on to pursue my tertiary studies in Finance and International Business. 


However, after she landed her first job in the Human Resource Department at a Fortune 500 company over +20 years ago, it was then that she got a bird’s eye view of how larger organizations innovate, recruit talent and implement operating systems to drive profitability, growth and sustainability.


Her greatest currency is creating value that contribute to uplifting and improving the quality of life for people like me – who are fueled by their passions and families, that are willing to go the extra mile to charter new paths and opportunities.

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Tonnia Theory LLC is a boutique business consulting firm founded in 2016 to provide strategic actionable solutions to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Services offered include Business Consulting, Creative Consulting, and a Workshop Series, which results in a customized roadmap that is tailor-made to build or transform your business.


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We spoke to Tonnia on our podcast last year about Reimagining and Pushing the Limits of the Limits of Business Post-COVID. To hear what she had to say, click HERE.

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