Paulana Lamonier

Paulana Lamonier, founder – Black people will swim

Meet Paulana Lamonier. She loves telling stories. As an edu-tainer, she loves educating and entertaining my audience through digital, social media, print, and TV talent. But she always makes sure she tells compelling stories. She also loves Jesus, Beyoncé and R&B — in that order. 

Paulana has worked for companies Al Jazeera’s latest podcast venture Jetty, LearnVest, HRDCVR Magazine (created by Elliott Wilson & Danyel Smith), and have written for sites like Fast Company, Shondaland, ESPN’s The UndefeatedBlavity, Her Agenda where my expertise has been writing about lifestyle, personal finance, entertainment, and much more.

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In 2020, Paulana founded Black People Will Swim, a social platform with a mission to encourage 2,020 Black people to learn to swim this year.

They aim to do this through a number of ways with our acronym F.A.C.E. encouraging our community to FACE their fears. 


Paulana was our first guest on the All About The Sisters Podcast where we talk about the stereotypes about black people and swimming, why we should talk to our kids about stereotypes, how this becomes an important part of the Black Lives Matter movement, and why you should simply take your kids to swim class. And yourself too. Forget about your hair!


Be sure to catch this episode HERE.


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