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Oprah Network Launches New Health Initiative For Black Women

Our Aunty Oprah just closed out the print edition of O Magazine in December 2020, and she already has something new in the pipeline. She just launched the OWN Your Health campaign, a new initiative to keep women engaged. 

According to Deadline, “OWN Your Health campaign seeks to bring awareness, education, resources, and a sense of community to address the unique health concerns facing Black women today, encouraging them to put their health and well-being first.”

The website says: OWN YOUR HEALTH leads with powerful narrative and action exploring the full range of mental, physical, and social/emotional health by launching new initiatives quarterly, with messaging, impact, and tools that are factual, educational, relevant, and up to date with the latest developments as it relates to health and wellness.

They are looking to partner with health equity leaders to provide tools and resources that will empower Black women to own their health in 2021 and beyond.

It’s just like we’ve been telling you…prioritize your wellness. In other words, own your health because now is the time.

Maybe AATS will be a partner in the future! Let’s put it out there. We are looking forward to it!


Did you hear we are launching workshops soon? Yes, sis! all for you!

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