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    ‘On The Record’: Doc of Sexual Assault Allegations Against Russell Simmons, a Ray of Hope For Black Women in the #MeToo Era

    Sexual assault in the #MeToo Era. It’s ongoing…and this week on the podcast we are talking about abuse – domestic, interpersonal, all of it.

    Now there’s a fresh case that peaked my attention. Another Bill Cosby? We’ll soon find out.

    A few years ago I asked a friend of mine with ties to Russell Simmons to enquire from him if he ever dates black women. 

    I was a fan of Simmons for many years, and I have to say that when he became vegan and started doing yoga, I became a super fan.

    I too was on a journey of living and being light.

    When my friend came back with his response, I was very disappointed to say the least. And I will ad lib here…it was something to the effect of…

    “I love black women. However, in the business I’m in, they don’t socialize in my circles.”

    Hmmm…really…all the models you like don’t frequent your circles?

    Sounds like a cop out to me….like avoidance.

    And I was also livid. My retort to my friend was to label him a male fraud in the Black community.

    And it seems that I may be right.

    I say he’s a fraud because naturally men are hunters. They chase after women, hound them, lavish them with nice things….when they are interested.

    As successful and wealthy as Simmons is, my questions is – he couldn’t find a black woman in all of Hollywood to date? Come now, Bro!

    My simple conclusion is that he just wasn’t interested. 

    But that was before these allegations of sexual assault came to light.

    Sexual Assault Allegations

    Fast forward to this very revealing documentary and I draw my own conclusions from the new documentary released on HBO Max, ‘On the Record’.

    On the Record presents Drew Dixon’s story in the aftermath of alleged sexual assault by her boss and hip-hop mogul, Russell Simmons.

    The documentary follows the former A&R executive, one of the first women of color to come forward in the #MeToo era, as she publicly accuses Simmons of sexual misconduct alongside her peers, Sil Lai Abrams and Sheri Sher.

    Dixon went public with her story in December 2017, when she told the New York Times that Simmons sexually assaulted her when she was a 24-year-old executive at Def Jam Recordings in 1995.

    She is now one of 20 women who have claimed that Simmons was sexually inappropriate with them.

    The documentary was directed by Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick.

    Simmons, meanwhile, has vigorously denied that he has ever had non-consensual sexual relations.

    I would deny it too, were I that great and powerful, and allowed to exercise my male privilege at the expense of women.

    I too, would want to maintain my public persona and reputation.

    Both Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby denied their allegations too, and where are they today? Hmmm…

    Simmons has since stepped down from his companies and gone into remote hiding it seems…in Bali.

    Screen Shot 2020 08 25 at 3.56.18 PM

    Why Wait So Long to Report Sexual Assault?

    As is customary of us onlookers on the outside, I questioned the validity of these women’s stories when it first dropped.

    I’m wondering why it took them two full decades to come forward with these claims?

    And I’m still asking why do black women continue to protect men when they hurt us?

    These victims kept this secret for so long and still lost their careers, so they should have just outed him back then.

    However, I am learning from my colleagues that victims often shut down after abuse or a sexual assault incident, and most often blame themselves for its occurrence.

    Healing takes years, is slow and very painful. 

    I cannot imagine ever experiencing anything so violent.

    But I do commend the bravery of these victims, even after all these years in challenging the #MeToo movement and sharing their truth.

    The #MeToo movement was essentially, up until now, a movement that worked mainly for white women.

    I am ready for change and revolution.

    I am ready for the day when we (black women) don’t have deal with male privilege and the ways in which it works against us.

    And I’m also ready for the day when our men (black men) would stand up and protect us.

    Because we (black women) are always down for the cause.

    We (black women) are always the ride or die chicks when our men are slinging us through the mud, but where are they when the tables are turned. 

    If 2020 could shell out one more dose of anything, I pray for change in the way everyone sees black women…please!!!

    And while I pray I will also be praying for Russell Simmons as he hangs out in Bali doing his daily meditations and Asana yoga.

    His social media is a collage of activist speak, as if this would erase the years of alleged injustice he meted out to all his accused.

    Bro, I don’t believe you really want justice for your people because you’ve taken advantage of the very people you say you love.

    We await the fallout from this revelation…

    In the meantime, take a look at the the documentary via the link below.

    We’d love to know your thoughts?


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