AATS May Wellness refresh

Breaking Through Trauma: A 4-part Series 

This May, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ve enlisted the help of our fave therapist, Regina de Los Santos, to help you overcome some of your obstacles and be better at being well as we look forward to thriving for the rest of 2021 and beyond. Each week, we’ll send you a recap of our Clubhouse chats and share a small, actionable tip to help you prioritize your mental well-being. 

May 5 – May 26. For more details, head on over to our Events Page.

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Fresh on the heels of our Clubhouse chats during May, we are diving deeper into healing from trauma with this 4-part series. 

If you were lucky enough to be a part of those discussions, then you know the conversation stirred up questions and a desire to go deeper. 

Trauma compounds over time between individuals and across generations. Generation after generation, our inherited emotional and behavioral imprints keep showing up in our lives. We unknowingly carry our ancestors unresolved issues through our lives.
Unresolved emotional or physical stays locked in our bodies and can result in traumatic reenactments, unhealthy and disruptive life patterns, mental and physical illness, phobias, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, dissociation, freeze and immobility, loss, and an interruption to love and life.
In this 4-part workshop, you’ll learn frameworks for self-care, develop resources, and an anchor to help you build relationships.
Who is this workshop for?
  • The person who hasn’t been successful in healing their trauma
  • The person whose family structure did not consider mental health 
  • The person who has started the work of breaking trauma, but needs to go deeper
  • The person at the beginning or middle of their therapy process
  • The person trying her best, but it seems nothing is working
  • The person who hasn’t been allowed to be vulnerable
  • The person who has time and/or money to invest in their bettement

What You’ll Get

  • A safe space to open up
  • Tools to deal with your trauma
  • New skills to help you practice sustaining discomfort that arises within 

While the occurrences of the past year have impacted Black Americans’ mental well-being in some of the worst ways, it seems safe to say that we survived (because we always),  and there are brighter days ahead for us.

Let us help you lean into this collective conscious and break through the trauma that is holding you back. Your best self is yet to come!

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