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    Letter From The Editor

    Launch 2016. Relaunch 2020. It is amazing what can change in a year, let alone four.

    When COVID-19 hit in March 2020, I was ecstatic about the new full-time work-from-home order because I’d been working toward it for years. Every project I started I encouraged remote working. It was like a part of me knew that this new normal was abound.

    I have to admit that I was thrown off-balance a bit, and to be expected because we were all caught off-guard, and didn’t have a clue what this pandemic would mean. Would we all die from this thing? Thoughts of my own mortality rose to the surface.

    In an effort to stay abreast, I loaded up on news every day from around the world, watching the virus ravage cities and the ticker rise with each reported positive case. I found new champions in New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio.

    Consuming news in this amount took a toll on my mental health and I felt stuck after a while. Braindead. This was down time that most entrepreneurs ask for, would kill for, in order to elevate their game, plan ahead, and here I was unable to make anything happen. No new ideas. No concentration or a desire to plan.

    I had trouble sleeping and developed short-term memory loss. If you asked me what I had for breakfast the previous day I couldn’t tell you. And this is very, very real!

    As I continued to overdose on news, and comment on what I was hearing, something was bothering me about the content. Making the headlines at that time was BLACK PEOPLE disproportionally dying from the virus.

    From National Geographic to BuzzFeed News, the rhetoric was the same. The Inquirer wrote…Across the United States — from New York and Los Angeles, to Detroit and New Orleans — black Americans are dying from COVID-19 at disproportionately higher rates than their white counterparts.

    As a news writer myself, I wondered if this became a topic of conversation because one media outlet put it out there and everyone followed because it was trending. (At any rate, this is an important subject we as a community need to address immediately.)

    At the same time, my family was calling saying, “Are you taking your Vitamin D? You know, black people are dying from this virus? Build up your immune system!”

    I immediately went out and bought my stash of Vit D and Vit C, although I was already taking black seed oil for its immune building properties. More building up could not hurt in my fight toward of COVID-19!

    I started to wonder if we (as a community) knew how to take care of ourselves; if we were having those critical convos with our loved ones about how we should; if we were taking precautions; about the plethora of information we receive on a daily basis, but if the ‘right’ information was reaching us.

    That was when it hit me! The news, the conversations, the rhetoric of black people of color in America. I knew what I had to do…use my voice in a different way than I had before.

    I wasn’t sure what that form it would take, but I knew that if I put all of my skillsets to work I would eventually figure it out, and as I opened my think box, a fire ignited, and it’s become clearer every day since.

    All About The Sisters 2.0 was born, again! The basis of why this organization was created back in 2016 remains the same, and who it’s for is still the same, but with added components.

    I take this opportunity to invite you to what will become the #1 online wellness portal for women of color.

    Welcome, and I hope the deep discussions you find here coerce you to act, make a change, and ignite a fire to be a part of a universal collective that you’ve never seen the likes of before.

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    Mellany Paynter, Founder/CEO