Herb n’ Eden – botanical skincare products for all types of black skin

Self-care is trending, and we all need to keep up. Not just with any products, but ones that are good for our skin. There’s a Black-owned company that’s making it really easy with their line of botanical skincare products.


So what exactly are botanical skincare products?

They are a large and growing subset of products that use plant-derived ingredients, often in the form of oils or extracts, to deliver results free of the harmful toxins that supposedly lurk beneath the surface of their synthetic counterparts. Just right for our Black skin!


Investing in self-care is just as important as having soap, water, and toilet paper. This week, I’ll put you guys on for free, just so you can get a start on taking more time and effort to pamper yourselves. 

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Have y’all heard of Herb’n Eden? No? We’ve been following them on Instagram for a while now and really love their vibe.


This fairly new business is blazing the trail right now with their all-natural face and body line, and I’m excited to tell you about them. Botanical skincare products for us by us!


They have every product your bathroom needs, from the sink to the shower. They have a variety of cleansers, serums, soaps, salves, and an assortment of body butter to choose from, they even have natural deodorant options. You name it, they’ve got it. 


Do you have sensitive skin? 


No need to worry, all of their products are plant-based, handcrafted, and non-toxic, making them suitable for all skin types. I think it’s a great alternative to the commercial brands that often leave us with bad breakouts and low self-esteem.


The brand is owned by a lovely married couple, Quinton and Terran Lewis. Terran was a student at Georgia State University, while on campus she noticed a flier from Urban Sprout Farms advertising an internship. Knowing that her husband had an interest in gardening, she shared the information with him and he grasped the opportunity. 


He would invite Terran to join him on his trips to the farm, which provided her with some peace of mind and relaxation from work and school. Working with the plants allowed Terran to gain knowledge on the many benefits and healing properties of plants. 


Eventually, they began selling the plants they grew at local farmer’s markets, where Terran was able to see how creative people could get as they displayed homemade crafts for sale. This inspired her to develop a skill of her own and one day she got her hands on a craft book. The section on soap-making caught her interest and she realized that it went hand-in-hand with her knowledge about plants and herbs. 


She had a true ‘AHA’ moment, which motivated her to whip up their very first batch of handmade soaps. Terran and Quinton discovered their true calling. When they learned how to incorporate herbs and plant oils into the soap, they decided to dive deeper into the art of soap-making and skin care. They went from making soap in their parent’s garage to having a facility where they could produce up to 5,000 batches of soap per day in just a few years.


Quinton and Terran’s mission is to create holistic bath and body products that help maintain skin health. Their products are made with botanical ingredients that ensure this mission is accomplished. 


Herb’N Eden is very passionate about the handmade aspect of their brand and they plan to stay true to this, even as the business continues to expand. Since every item is handmade, each one is unique in some way. 

How cool is that? 


Each item is also free of fragrance oils, parabens, phthalates, and other harmful toxins. Fragrance oils contain many toxins that are bound to irritate sensitive skin and they are often filled with ingredients that lack any healing or therapeutic benefits. They’ve chosen to include therapeutic-grade essential oils that aid in aromatherapy instead. 


Since the beginning of time, our ancestors have depended on herbs and medicinal plants for healing and cleansing. Strong and healthy without harsh chemicals for decades, why not explore some of these natural remedies once more? 


If you have a love for plant-based products or simply can’t find the right brand for your skin, I believe you should give Herb’N Eden a shot.  


Just like walking became fundamental self-care during these past two years, skincare routines, wash day, or even a nice warm bubble bath and self-pleasure, (which was a predicted wellness trend at the beginning of 2021), we need to shower ourselves with love and care. Our body is our temple, and we must take pride in it, and nourish it, both inside and out. 


Self-care is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity!


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