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felicia hinds-patrick, Founder of Sakred Soul

Meet Felicia Hinds-Patrick, a Spiritual Life Coach and an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner who shows  you who you truly are at soul level. She will reveal your specific soul gifts and how you can use these gifts to create the life you want. She will also tell you how you may be blocking yourself from fully utilizing these gifts to create abundance and what you truly want. 


She will also answer all those unanswered questions regarding your life goals, relationships, your life purpose or specific life issues etc. 


Having this awareness and consciousness will allow you to fully take back your power and step into living a purpose filled and happy life. As your spiritual Life coach, I will guide you on the specific actions you will need to take, through your personalized “soul manifestation blueprint” which is essentially the key to how you and only you create and manifest.

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In August 2020, we chatted with Felicia on our podcast. The episode focused around the call to action within this pandemic, why it had to happen, and how we need to respond. 

To listen to her advice click HERE.

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