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    Ep. 6 – What You Are Really Being Called To Do In This Pandemic with Felicia Hinds-Patrick

    The All About The Sisters Podcast

    A weekly podcast series showcasing the brands and initiatives that can help you tailor your wellness to your specific needs.

    Fans of the podcast are excited about the info being shared through the conversations with black thought leaders in the wellness community who so willingly share their insights, and provide solutions so you can take action about your health and wellness.

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    Today’s chat is with Felicia Hinds-Patrickof Sakred Soul. She is a Spiritual Life Coach and an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner. 
    Through her work, she shows you who you truly are at the soul level. She will reveal your specific soul gifts and how you can use these gifts to create the life you want. She will also tell you how you may be blocking yourself from fully utilizing these gifts to create abundance and what you truly want. 

    In this episode, we talk about the call to action within this pandemic, why it had to happen, and how we need to respond. We also discuss meditation for beginners, simple techniques, and how the Ego tries to control us. 

    Episode Highlights with Felicia

    • Unity
    • Why we are not separate beings 
    • Meditation for those who find it difficult
    • Dying to our Ego Self

    Resources Mentioned 

    Are you new at meditation or need answers to some hard questions in your life? Please feel free to contact  us here for a FREE one-on-one healing session with Sakred Soul.

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