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Dr. shavon jackson-michel, naturopathic doctor

Meet licensed naturopathic doctor, Shavon Jackson-Michel, ND who brings more than a decade of influence as a natural health authority to the table.

She is a best-selling author of the collaborative work, ‘The Black Family Health-O-Pedia’, contributing her expertise to the chapters on women’s health and the ‘How To’ chapter on being a diligent dietary supplement consumer. Dr. Shavon is also a sought after speaker domestically and internationally.

She is also a contributor to The Quarantine Cookbook

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Dr. Shavon operates as a naturopathic consultant in the pre-licensed state of NJ, delivering personalized wellness care to women struggling with hormonal and metabolic concerns and couples looking for integrative/natural fertility options. She journeys with them in finding the natural and holistic approach that meets their individualized needs and facilitates their health and healing goals. She also focuses on ‘sustainable self-care’; working on the development of online courses that teach wellness fundamentals that help people take greater initiative in their healthcare journey.


In October 2020, we sat down with Dr. Shavon to discuss the effect of diet, stress, and hormones, and how this relates to fertility and premature delivery in African American women.

Check out the podcast episode HERE.

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