Laurie Samuel

Dr. Laurie Samuel, Founder – Cupid’s sting

Meet Dr. Laurie J. Samuel, a criminologist with expertise in police-community relations, police misconduct, risk management, community engagement, and interpersonal violence. With over ten years working with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) in Washington, DC she is a leading expert in Early Identification and Intervention System (EIS). She also served as the Director of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Division. 


A forward thinker and innovator, Dr. Samuel created Cupid’s Sting, an interpersonal violence reduction program, in response to the escalation in violence against women in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. 

Women’s safety is the primary mission of the Cupid’s Sting Non-Profit where women are taught life-saving skills to protect themselves inside and outside the home.

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Laurie started Cupid’s Sting in 2015 after seeing an escalation in violence against women, often at the hands of a significant other. Gruesome stories of women being set on fire by their husbands or boyfriends shooting the mother of their children was too much to take and she could no longer stand by.


She started Cupid’s Sting as a proactive measure and provides workshops on dating abuse, interpersonal violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, street harassment, and facilitates women’s self-defense classes.  


Cupid’s Sting offers a number of resources – Personal Safety & COVID-19; Domestic Violence Warnings & Solutions; Domestic Violence in the Caribbean & Canada; Domestic Violence & Disabled Women.


You can follow Laurie @crimedoc and the organization @cupidssting


Check out our podcast episode Surviving Domestic Violence with Laurie HERE.

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