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    Dealing With Your Mental Health During COVID-19. It’s A Private Affair

    We know it must be hard at this time, going from your regular routine to having to adjust to new #stayathome orders, becoming a round the clock unpaid teacher-Mom, cooking, and on top of it balancing work from home.

    And you’re the only one doing it. We get it! Your mental health is taking a toll. Hopefully, you have the financial resources to be able to talk to a professional about what you’re going through.

    We’ve compiled a short list of options for you just in case all of this is too much and you need to reach out.

    Paid Resources

    Therapy for Black Girls podcast and directory.

    Psychology Today – General therapy directory.

    Innopsych – Directory for therapists of color.

    TopNPI – Site for various medical, health professionals and therapists

    Melanin Therapy – a comprehensive directory of treatment options designed to meet the unique mental health needs of African Americans and People of color. 

    Melanin and Melanin Health – for those who want to connect individuals with culturally competent clinicians committed to serving the mental health needs of Black & Latinx/Hispanic communities.

    Black Female Therapists – for those looking for a Black or Brown therapist.

    National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network – interactive digital resource that helps QTPoC locate QTPoC mental health practitioners across the country. 

    Talkspace – send a therapist text messages, audio messages, as well as picture and video messages in a private, text-based chat room.

    FREE Resources

    For those who may not be able to afford therapy at this time, and can seeking help is not an immediate need, here are two resources that you can apply for assistance.

    Our previous post shared some local NYC Centers that are available as well.

    LOVELAND Foundation – Giving therapy support to black women and girls.

    HOPE Center Harlem – offers 10 FREE therapy sessions to qualifying individuals.


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