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    Finding Joy As You Create The Next Track of Your Life

    Dear sister,

    As you ponder your next move during this time of uncertainty, remember the words of Aunty Michelle saying,

    It’s not getting back on track, it’s creating my next track. I’m figuring out what do I want to do, what do I care about? It takes time to process your life and figure out what it means.” 

    If that is where you find yourself today, looking to change course – looking for a new job, considering a career change, perhaps needing to do something you love, there is no better time like the present.

    One of our sisters, shares this and challenges you to ask yourself two questions. Read on!

    An excerpt from How The Pandemic Forced Us To Ground Ourselves and Bring Attention to The Present Moment

    It reads:

    Recently, a dear, dear, friend asked me two POWERFUL QUESTIONS:

    1. What, especially during this time, makes you feel most alive/brings you joy?
    2. What does the path less traveled look like for you?

    This was not the first time I’d been asked or considered these two questions. As a woman who’s been on a lifelong quest to understand the motivations and machinations behind human behavior, these questions have been a crucial part of my process.

    However, what my friend noted, once I answered, was just how consistent my responses have always been.

    Creating, writing, storytelling, advising, teaching and traveling literally and through literature have been stubborn and sticky passions of mine.

    And the path less traveled for me is EXACTLY that.

    And if I silence, though temporarily, that side of me that judges my success on my ability to amass wealth, property and accolades, I would tell you that I’ve NEVER truly desired any of those things. My soul never did.

    Even as I became aware of the value of things in my teens, the prospect of owning ANYTHING made me anxious. Like it would be the ball and chain that would keep me tied to one place and circumstance.

    The path less traveled for me was deferring law school to study poetry, leaving a secure, but stagnant, job on the East Coast just for a one-year fellowship opportunity on the West Coast, buying a one-way ticket to Vietnam with only a vague plan to slowly work and wander my way back West.

    THIS is what makes MY heart leap, BUT it may not be what does for YOU!

    What I’d like you to take this time to complete is this phrase: I FEEL MOST JOYFUL WHEN…




    Take your time. Don’t edit yourself. Write the first feelings, thoughts, and memories that come to mind.

    (To gain more context for this exercise, read the entire post.)

    Hopefully, this exercise brings you more clarity from before you began and leads you to create the next track of your life filled with peace, new adventures and things that bring you joy!

    Submit a note of your own HERE.


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