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    Celebrities who ‘act out’ may be suffering mentally, more than we know

    Lately, it seems like many celebrities are ‘acting out’, but are we seriously considering that they may in fact be suffering mentally?

    Addressing Mental Health in our Black community is really critical right now. 


    Because in the last few months, we’ve been through severe challenges to our lives. The rapid change of our schedules, juggling timeframes during the day, shifting plans, loss of jobs, uncertain of the future outlook…I cannot say more…

    Mental health issues are probably at an all-time high at the moment and will show up in all shapes and sizes.

    The reality is that we have to confront the issues and seek help.

    Because celebrities’ lives are always on front page, we get a firsthand view when all the pain culminates into a single event.

    It can be a sure sign that they are indeed suffering mentally.


    Remember when Chris Brown violently assaulted Rihanna?

    Yes, that was him having an episode that ended badly, but what we didn’t see was all the years of his suffering behind the scenes.

    And it is because we don’t see it, we assume perhaps that when they give their best performances at an awards show or on their latest music video, they are doing just fine.

    Many times it’s far from the truth.

    That was a sign that he may have been suffering mentally at the time with something.

    Just to give you some context regarding Brown’s life – as a child growing up his stepfather physically abused his mother.

    Can you imagine watching your mother deal with abuse and you’re a scared little boy that could do nothing to defend or protect her?

    I can’t imagine the grief the accompanies that.

    No excuse for his behavior, though, but it provides some sort of context.

    Celebrities in the News We can Deem as Suffering Mentally

    What we’re seeing taking place with celebrities in the Black community is nothing new.

    It’s just that being in a pandemic where we’ve all been forced to slow down, puts a spotlight on #mentalhealth in all its shapes and forms.

    In the News right now:

    1. Kanye West – Running for POTUS. Talking callously about Rosa Parks and the ancestors. Likening himself to God. Mocking slavery. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2017. been acting out since.

    2. Tamar Braxton attempted suicide last week and is currently hospitalized. Tamar has spoken about domestic abuse from a previous relationship and recently warned that she is being driven to take her life.

    Yet those around her never heeded the warning.

    3. Bryshere Gray – Arrested for allegedly beating his wife for hours before police arrived. His mother was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of his father. 

    At age 5, Bryshere was diagnosed with ADHD, a brain disorder marked by an ongoing pattern of inattention and makes it difficult for them to control impulsive behaviors.

    4. Tori Lanez – Spoke out about anxiety. Never admitted to it outright. He allegedly shot Megantheestallion in the foot last Sunday.

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    5. August Alsina – struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. He was involved in an entanglement with Jada Pinkett-Smith and recently went public with the information.

    He has never shied away from telling or singing to fans about his struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts.

    His honesty is what has made his music translate so well with fans, but the flip side of that is a concern for the singer and his mental health.

    That concern was brought to the forefront in 2017 when Alsina posted a troubling message about his life on his social media pages.

    Alsina posted a dark, somber image of himself on his Instagram page along with a message to his fans saying that he’s been living with “dis-ease” for a long time.

    He never gave clarity on what or if he was suffering mentally, but the singer mentions that he’s been pulled back into something painful.


    He wrote…
    “I’ve been living my life in so much dis-ease that I’ve literally created it within myself… God has invested something inside of me, But I am not afraid of this Agony because I know that God pulls us back to shoot us FORWARD.”

    “To my lovely and loyal fans…Please take care of yourself and your bodies & your SOULS. A beautiful face will fade, a beautiful body will too fade, but a beautiful soul is that FOREVER. I have so much to share until I do… Please say a prayer.”

    Back on 2017, this was a cry for help, a sure sign that he was suffering mentally.

    The Black Community Needs All the Support to Combat Mental Health

    This piece is not to shame or call out anyone, but for us to collectively understand that no matter your social status, you are not spared from mental suffering.

    All the money in the world won’t save you if you have mental/emotional issues that go unchecked.

    Also, let’s not be so quick to cancel folks!

    We have no idea what it is like to walk in their mental health shoes.

    Many of our celebrities appear strong because their brands require it of them.

    The truth is…many of them aren’t strong the majority of the time, just like you and I aren’t strong the majority of the time.

    It’s unfortunate that celebrities sometimes do not have the kind of support mourn them that would help pull them out of their depths.

    We previously shared How to Find Relief for your Stress and Anxiety So You Can Be More Relaxed.

    Some simple tools to help anyone get some mental relief.

    We all know how it goes…they’ll be smiling with you one minute telling you they are doing well, and the next you are saying goodbye to them.

    Let’s end the mental suffering. 

    Maybe you are ‘well’ enough to be there for someone. Go check on your strong friends. They aren’t always ok, despite what it looks like.


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