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    New Health Initiative

    Oprah Network Launches New Health Initiative For Black Women

    Our Aunty Oprah just closed out the print edition of O Magazine in December 2020, and she already has something new in the pipeline. She just launched the OWN Your Health campaign, a new initiative

    Slutty Vegan

    Slutty Vegan in Partnership with Shake Shack for Limited-Edition Vegan Burger

    Sis, we know you must follow a lot of vegan influencers on Instagram, so we're also guessing that you know of Pinky Cole and Slutty Vegan @sluttyveganatl  - the restaurant brand that just scored a major deal

    plant-based diet-burger-on-a-plate

    Black Women, Eat Plant-Based Diet and Take Your Power Back

    As we aim to prioritize our wellness this Spring, eating a plant-based diet is a great way to challenge your eating habits.We know, we know, plant-based messes with the feel-good foods we need right now,

    COVID-19 Funeral Assistance

    COVID-19 Funeral Assistance For Families That Lost Members

    Have you or someone you know lost a loved one during the pandemic? The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is offering COVID-19 funeral assistance in the form of reimbursements. As the coronavirus pandemic spread across

    black women prioritizing wellness

    Amanda Seales Shares On Black Women Prioritizing Wellness

    Black women have been known as martyrs for centuries, and many of us still do not prioritize wellness as part of our everyday routines.  Comedian and actress Amanda Seales, known for speaking her mind and

    Tia Mowry Helping Black Women Through Endometriosis Awareness

    Tia Mowry Helping Black Women Through Endometriosis Awareness

    Tia Mowry is helping Black women be better at wellness by amplifying her voice this month for Endometriosis Awareness. She also shares her story.In an Instagram Live discussion with Mama Glow, run by Latham Thomas, Tia Mowry

    breathwork meditation

    Black Girls Breathing Addressing Stress with Breathwork Meditation

    If you've heard of Black Girls Breathing then you've been paying attention. It is a safe space for black women to actively manage their mental health through breathwork meditation and community, offering breathwork circles. This is

    how one woman transformed anger into healing

    How One Woman Channeled Her Anger Into Purpose

    how to understand grief

    How To Understand Grief – What I Wished My Parents Shared

    Before I lost both my parents, I wished they had sat me down and taught me a thing or two about how to understand grief.I never imagined what it would be like. I couldn' one

    work from home Zoom screen

    5 Ways To Better Plan Your Work From Home Days

    Work from Home was on our minds this past Monday during our evening live on Instagram. This week we chatted with guest speaker, Chanda Oton, Founder of Chanda Louise Oton Consulting, a project management service

    wellness trends

    6 Wellness Trends You Should Know About in 2021

    Every year the wellness trends change according to what people are focused on. 2020 was a rough year for everyone - from health issues linked to COVID-19 that brought the global pandemic to mental health


    Why Grounding Yourself Daily Will Improve Your Overall Health

    Earthing (or grounding) refers to the discovery of benefits from walking barefoot outside that transfer the Earth's electrons from the ground into the body.  It is a therapeutic technique that focuses on realigning your electrical


    Golde – Shaking up the Wellness + Beauty Industries with superfood-infused products to keep you healthy

    Have you heard of Golde? No? Sis, you must stay woke.  I understand that there are a ton of beauty products on the market, and it's often difficult to choose from all of the options

    stacey abrams

    What We Can All Learn From The Brilliance of Stacey Abrams

    Talk about the ultimate black girl sister magic we need right now! Stacey Abrams is ALL OF IT.If you don’t know her name by now, it means you haven’t been tapping in or paying attention. And you

    breast cancer awareness

    Closing out Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a Strong Message to WOC

    As we approach the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we could not ignore the need to address the impacts of breast cancer on our community of Black women.So, as part of the usual Monday


    10 Books to Help You Liberate Yourself in This Time

    It is impossible to grasp what 2020 has been so far, especially when it challenges activity to help you liberate yourself. Balancing life is out of whack!For many of us, it's been full of anxiety, depression,

    taking your business online

    6 Questions To Ask When Taking Your Business Online

    Whether you run a solo small business, or your business is moving from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce, you've likely got a long to-do list; and you may not know where to start taking your business online.Or

    added sugar

    Added Sugar is Killing Us. How To Use Your Food As Fuel

    A recent study estimates that highly processed foods make up nearly 60% of the American diet. Sugar is a huge one. It is inflammatory and reduces your immune system.  Humans love the taste of sugar, we are drawn

    Women Entrepreneurs pivot

    3 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Can Pivot in This New Normal

    The entrepreneurial world has been turned upside down with the onset of the pandemic, and everyone, especially women entrepreneurs, are forced to pivot to stay afloat.In our latest podcast interview with Tonnia Harry-Matthews, we chatted

    Screen Shot 2020 09 23 at 8.57.03 AM

    Do it Yourself Hair Care When You Have No Other Choice

    Proper hair care may not be an immediate concern for you now that the world is partially opening up again, but knowledge is never a bad idea. We recognize that you may be back in