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    Amanda Seales Shares On Black Women Prioritizing Wellness

    Black women have been known as martyrs for centuries, and many of us still do not prioritize wellness as part of our everyday routines. 

    Comedian and actress Amanda Seales, known for speaking her mind and using her social media platform to bring awareness to important issues around social justice, is speaking lately about why Black women should be prioritizing wellness.

    She also shares how she does the same. 

    You may know her as Tiffany DuBois on the hit HBO comedy Insecure or as host of NBC’s “Bring the Funny”. 

    Seales is like the best friend you never had, giving much-needed advice to her 1.7 million followers on Instagram everyday. If it’s not a comment about social injustice or political commentary, she is doling out relationship and situationship advice, or just sharing her latest creative venture.

    During the pandemic, while many actors were forced to stop working, the multi-talented creator used the time to expand her production company, Smart Funny & Black Entertainment.

    Recently she sat down with different media companies and shared about how important it is for Black women to be prioritizing wellness.

    She shared that “Black women are consistently considered the saviors of the world, but are rarely ever taken care of and protected in the way that we take care of protecting everybody else. So it’s imperative that we also take care and protect ourselves while we are putting our cap on to save the universe”.

    Seales also mentioned the loss of jobs, family members, and plans that the pandemic brought with it in 2020. She said, “For a lot of us, this time is dealing with the arrival of truths, realities, breakthroughs. All those things are converging”. 

    In March 2020, she suffered a nervous breakdown. She told the Grio – “At the end of the day I had started to believe what [critics] made up about me,” she said. “If you’re not careful, you’ll let the people who know you least tell [you about yourself.]”

    She utilized boxing and reiki to help get her back on track, and came back stronger by year-end.

    Seales created and recently launched her first fashion line, Illustrious League, which she hopes will inspire Black women to start prioritizing wellness. The clothing line is about art and empowerment.

    Of the clothing line, she said, “…I always want to make things that not only gain profit but then also give purpose…Self-care has become so much of the conversation, and it needs to exist in an abundance of ways.”

    On her own empowerment, Seales says she must “be able to create options for more Black creators”.

    Prioritizing Wellness – How Seales Achieves it

    Seales enjoys nature and the outdoors. If you follow her social media, you can find her on her trampoline or walking in her backyard doing a live video, and connecting with her audience. She says it provides her peace.

    Here she is trampolining. This definitely takes us back to our childhood, doesn’t it?

    Nothing like a little childhood carefree joy to help you move through the pain.

    The way she fights stress and anxiety is by prioritizing wellness through the practices of deep breathing exercises, finding the funny in situations, and, of course, therapy. 

    With regards to guarding her mental health, Seales added that knowing her limit to how much she helps keep herself balanced.

    This is something we could all practice as well. It is so easy to be overwhelmed with not just things on our agendas, but on other people’s as well.

    We have questions…

    Do you prioritize wellness, and how often?

    How do you prioritize wellness daily?

    What types of activities do you do?


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