youngest certified farmer

A 6-year-old is GEORGIA’S YOUNGEST CERTIFIED FARMER and she has big plans for the state

Her name is Kendall Rae Johnson and she is Georgia’s Youngest Certified Farmer.


Wanna guess how old she is…just 6 years old.

What were you doing at 6? I was hauling Encyclopedia Britannica’s around the house because my mother was a teacher and in our house education was always first.


Anyway, back to Kendall Rae… 


This young lady founded aGROWKulture with the support of her mother. As a result of her commitment to agriculture, she has become a member of several farming organizations, namely Georgia Grown and the Georgia Farm Bureau and is eligible to apply for land grants, scholarships, and loans that will support her farming business.


Can you imagine accomplishing so much at 6b years?


Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, she was inspired by the teachings of her great grandmother Laura “Kate” Williams. She and Williams planted seeds of cucumbers, peppers tomatoes and broken collard green stems on a small patio garden.


She loved it so much that at four years old, her parents decided build a larger garden bed around the premises of the property.


Kendall Rae’s vision is to create an outdoor agriculture science space on her farm where kids and families can follow a curriculum to learn more about the basics of agriculture and horticulture.


She is already booked for speaking gigs, has met numerous senators and attends agriculture summits. And this year she won the KidsGardening Summer Garden Photo Contest 


Who are this kid’s parents? We love you!


Kendall Rae needs your help, though. She’s currently in the process of fundraising $10,000.00 to cover the purchase of 2 high tunnels, soil/dirt, lumber, and an outdoor kids agricultural science learning space.

Go check out her site at to donate to her farm fund. 

It makes my heart warm to share these wonderful stories, especially when the youth are involved. Come thru Kendall Rae! We see you!

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