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    Ep. 8 How to Reimagine & Push the Limits of Business Post-COVID with Tonnia Harry-Matthews

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    The All About The Sisters Podcast

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    Fans of the podcast are excited about the info being shared through the conversations with black thought leaders in the wellness community who so willingly share their insights, and provide solutions so you can take action about your health and wellness.

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    Today, I’m chatting with Tonnia Harry-Matthews of Tonnia Theory, a boutique business consulting firm founded in 2016 to provide strategic actionable solutions to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

    Tonnia is a small business consultant and coach. She helps entrepreneurs start, grow, and transform their new or existing businesses to maximize the value delivered through solutions that best suit their needs.

    In this episode, we talk about reimagining business in this changing virtual landscape, how to pivot as small business owners and entrepreneurs, how to leverage strengths, and when to seek help. 
    We also discuss how social media should play a part in your overall business strategy.

    Episode Highlights with Tonnia

    • 3 things to help you pivot in these changing times.

    • Business Models

    • The business behind your business

    • How to use social media for your business

    • Being reactive vs proactive


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