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6 Wellness Trends You Should Know About in 2021

Every year the wellness trends change according to what people are focused on.

2020 was a rough year for everyone – from health issues linked to COVID-19 that brought the global pandemic to mental health issues from quarantining and physical complaints from lack of body movement around, we’ve been though it.

Added to that, there was massive job loss and fallout from companies shutting down putting millions out of work. Stress!!

Now that 2021 is here, the wellness trends have had a serious shake up from what we eat, how we take care to skin, how we exercise, and what we give our focus to.

On Monday night we chatted with folks on Instagram live about what these trends mean. It was a great chat

Here are 6 new wellness trends we thought you’d find interesting as you approach the next 11 months.

1. Virtual Fitness 

Believe it or not, remote fitness is here to stay. People re opting out of gyms because they realize that they can avoid waiting at the gym for machines and supplement their workouts with their trainers from the comfort of their homes. And the are building their workout programs around stress. Amazing! Very intention-focused!

2. Mindful/Intuitive Eating

People are ditching restrictive diets and embracing foods that bring them comfort. They are also using the leftovers from meals to create delicious snacks and treats. Definitely healthier and more sustainable.

Quick share: My Mom used to take the leftover brad ends from sandwiches and bake them with grated cheese as a snack for me. Let me tell you how much I loved that!!

3. Self Pleasure is the New Self-Care

This one might be a huge shock! Yes! Women are leading the next generation of pleasure products. we are taking back our sexual power with vibrators made by us and ditching phallus-centric products. Lots to learn in 2021 ladies.

4. Community Care

I am happy to share that since 2017 we’ve been ahead of the trend. All About The Sisters had the vision for community care since then. it is not just about you, but about us! People are seeking greater pathways to their happiness through community. They are giving back, donating their time and resources, and using their voices to address systemic issues. I love it! I call this Wellness Trend No. 1!

Interested in joining our community – JOIN HERE!

5. Digital Detoxing

This is a whole vibe. With all the negative energy we get from social media, we learned in 2020 that we have the power to decide what we intake. And it was heavy…Instead of constantly scrolling we are putting down our tech devices and choosing reading, spending more time with family and getting out into nature more. Some of us are even painting and getting super creative.

6. Intention-Focused Travel

Last but not least on the wellness trend list, we are engaging in pre-planning our getaways not just to vacation in Cabo, but to include activities that help us destress. Because our mental health has been threatened, we are seeking out yoga and meditation. We are looking or all-inclusive spa experiences that help us forget about the stresses at home.

From this list it seems to me that 2021 is literally the year of radical self-care. So ladies, get yourself together this year, you’ll be right on brand.

Watch to our Monday night Instagram live chat about the trends via the video below.

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