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5 Ways To Better Plan Your Work From Home Days

Work from Home was on our minds this past Monday during our evening live on Instagram. This week we chatted with guest speaker, Chanda Oton, Founder of Chanda Louise Oton Consulting, a project management service based company focused on creating and streamlining processes for businesses. 

Many of you shared early on in the pandemic that you were really challenged with the shift from working at the office to now working from home (WFH).

And we totally understand! We especially empathize with mothers, who were just kind of tossed into this, being home with your families, being at home with kids all of a sudden and having to figure out – What time do I wake up now? Do I have to wake up early? Can I work at night? What’s my daily routine going to be like?

And then everybody’s on the wifi all at the same time too…headaches!!!

With all of these complaints we thought we’d bring Chanda on to share five ways we can plan better plan our work from home days.

A little about Chanda  – she is a lover of life, with a passion for fashion and empowering women. She has a vision to shift how we build businesses by starting with the right foundation.

Here are the 5 ways she shared to better approach your Work From Home days.


1. Awareness – Consider Your Environment.

Her practical advice was to ask for things that you want by setting boundaries. She suggested setting boundaries with others and with yourself.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions like – Who am I? What works for me? What are my triggers? What are the things that I hate? What motivates me? What environment works for me? Who am I when I’m going to work from home? What type of things work for me?

If you have an 8-hour day and you understand that 3 to 4 hours of that day might be consumed with meetings, then maybe your productivity work-wise could be 1 1/2 hours.

Also, pivot your mindset. This is no longer an in-person experience. This is now an online experience. And because you’re working from home, you have the opportunity to create what you want with the Work From Home experience.

Which brings us to her second point.


2. Curate Your Work From Home Experience

Typically when we go to work, we go into somebody else’s environment. But with working from home, you can curate what you want the space you work from to look and feel like.

Also, you can devise what you’d like to do in the mornings by setting up tasks to do at different times.

Like taking breaks. Chanda suggested these are a very important inclusion. The general assumption when you work from home is that you are always available at a moment’s notice, and very easy for bosses to monopolize your time.

So, schedule your breaks, maybe every 15 minutes of the hour. It’s called sensory breaks, and a great example of this is putting down your phone for an amount of time to allow your mind to shift from the focus of the task that you’re doing to do something else. 

Chanda shared that she enjoys low lights, lying on her bed with her legs lifted, just chilling, and looking outside the window. (Maybe we’ll try this!)

Bear in mind, this is right on target with the wellness trends for 2021


3. Setting Up An Intentional Workspace

Whether or not you live in a shared space, it is a good idea to set up an intentional work area for yourself. For one, it helps you designate work vs play areas for your home and provides a semblance of being ‘off work’ when you’re not in that workspace. If you have kids, it’s great to give them a designated workspace so it helps you create the boundaries we shared earlier.

Some people are understanding the need to bring in their babysitters even in COVID just to help because we all need timeout.

She mentioned having awareness that you may be taking space away from others who share your home and simply keeping that in mind helps you make room for others.


4. Set Up An Agenda For Your Day.

Chanda suggested this as a way of ensuring you curate your day the way you want, set aside time for the things you’d like to include and spend whatever time you want on your tasks. The agenda can be completed the night before for the week ahead. It doesn’t have to be a very detailed thing, just maybe focusing on one project. 


5. Get An Accountability Partner.

Have somebody else that you can lean on to be accountable for the types of things you want to accomplish during your day is a plus. If you’re an A-type personality who keeps going, maybe your partner could hold you accountable for taking breaks and vice versa.

Go ahead and take a look at the video below with our chat with Chanda.

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