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    5 ways to get motivated to move your body today and a little pep talk

    Girl, I know how hard it is to move your body. I know how hard it is between this new work from home situation, and the kids, the spouse, and just life in general… to unearth yourself and move…gosh nah!

    I know…everything has been so off lately. The uncertainty for so many of us has taken a toll on our mental health concerns. People out here are really terrified of what this means right now and for the future.

    Between the pandemic, the police violence against Black Americans, and the uprisings, the upcoming elections, things feel chaotic.

    I get it…the last thing you want to do right now is move.
    It’s hard enough already managing your mental health and the anxiety you feel every day.

    I know it crosses your mind to find new ways to improve your mental health and your general wellness, and finding the right movement can be confusing. But hey, you know what, you have to get it done! Let me tell you why.


    You have to shake yourself up and move your body because movement is life!
    I know because I am suffering the effects of not moving for the first three months of COVID while we were inside, and it wreaked havoc on my body.

    The moment I was faced with failing health and possible surgery, it was all the impetus I needed to get off my butt and start moving my body.

    I always false-started on moving every time before this, except when I had a trainer to answer to. I would start out hot and sweaty for a few days then fizzle out by day four or five.

    Why? I recognized that there was no deeper meaning to my workout; no ‘reward’ to look forward to.

    So, if you’re out there and you need the pep talk of a lifetime to make some change and to move your body today, you came to the right place and are in for a treat!

    I’ll share with you some ways to easily start choosing movement every day without much effort and thought process.

    Here goes! It’s time to move your body! No excuses!

    1. Choose something fun that you enjoy. 

    Everybody cannot be a gym rat, and right now no one can because gyms aren’t really open.

    So, figure out what you like and do that. There’s yoga, pilates, cardio, running a mile and a half. So many different forms of exercise that help you move your body. Take a walk. Ride a bike. Hike. So many options.

    I chose something that I liked because what’s the point if it’s not fun? Lately, I’ve been doing Kukuwa African Dance Cardio every day, right from the living room of my tiny apartment because it doesn’t require much space.

    It only takes 15-20 minutes out of my day. Plus, these ladies are hilarious! Whatever you choose should be fun because it’s a guarantee you’ll do it over and over.

    2. Find the bigger meaning to move your body.  

    One of my immediate deeper meanings is because I don’t want to have another surgery and just want to ensure that in the event of another pandemic or wave of it, my body is in optimal form.

    The other is that I generally want to feel good and positive every day, and when I move my day, I am able to create balance with both.

    It doesn’t require much time and it makes me focus on the creative things I am doing that keeps me in that balanced, positive zone. No one likes a grouch! and I have been that many times. Lawd!


    3. Get some accountability.

    Accountability can come in many forms – a personal trainer; a buddy/friend who you can walk or run with; someone who keeps you in check when you feel lazy and don’t want to get out of the bed or think you deserve a cheat day.

    Having that someone gets you out of your head and keeps your goals in front of you. Girl, you know you can talk yourself out of a lot of things. You need somebody!

    pexels nathan cowley 1153369

    4. Start by watching what you eat.

    Sis, I know you love food. I do too! All we want to do is eat and not worry about how your bodies look after it all.

    The reality though, is that we can’t. Especially if we’re in our 30’s and 40’s.

    Bodies just don’t listen anymore! Jeez! What is going on? I ask myself this many times. Why does life hate me, lol? Out of control…

    Anyway, I started piling my plate with veggies first, then protein and slight carbs. No meat at all. I noticed major changes at first.

    I had more energy and less sluggishness in general. This motivated me to move my body and do it consistently. Then there’s the slow creeping weight loss, which is added motivation.

    I’m still going. Might be too late for a hot girl summer, but I can have a hot girl Fall! Lol.


    5. Start with small steps/small changes.

    No one is saying go run a marathon. In fact, quite the opposite. But, if you are trying to do that, we have a guide to surviving your first marathon from an earlier post by our guest on the podcast this week.

    We talked to Joy Francis, NASM Certified Coach/Trainer. She recommends one movement at a time for those looking to make immediate changes in their lives. It’s about setting small goals and taking one step toward it, then expanding on those goals.

    Rinse and repeat! All things you can manage. 

    Take a listen to a snippet here:

    Now that you have some tips to help you start moving your body today, you have no excuses.

    And I’ll just share my top reason for making sure I move my body every day now.

    I don’t want to be another black health statistic. No ma’am!

    By the time the next wave of anything comes around, I don’t want to be caught slipping. Too many of us ignore signals that our bodies are sending.

    Sometimes to simply lower our blood sugar, all we need to do is MOVE.
    To get our blood circulating, and stimulate those feel-good hormones – MOVE!
    To erase the aches and pains in our muscles and joints – MOVE!
    To deal with our anxiety, fear, and depression – MOVE!

    So what are gonna choose to do today? If I were you I would find something I like and start to move my body.

    Happy Movement Day, Sis!

    Share how you’re moving your body. We’d love to know about it.

    See below to listen to the entire podcast episode. 


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