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    4 Wellness Design Trends Here to Stay

    Are you looking to ‘zhuzh’ up your space this Spring? Well, you’re in luck because there are some wellness design trends that are here to stay, and you’ll be happy to know about them.

    In January, Forbes Magazine shared 10 wellness design trends for 2021However, only one of those meets this updated guide by Architectural Digest. 

    With health and wellbeing at the top of our minds these days, everyone is changing or enhancing their homes with more relaxing and pampering additions.

    Here are four ways you can stay on-trend.

    Integrate Healthy and Sustainable Materials Into The Design of Your Space

    There is a lot to consider here. We are talking about eco-friendly materials like cork, bamboo, and rattan. These materials are very sustainable and bring a very friendly neutral look to your space. Besides these materials, serious consideration of the flow of natural light and the air quality throughout your space helps to boost your daily mood and help you save on electricity since you tend to depend more on light coming through doors and/or windows. Lastly, if you are doing extensive renovations, make use zero-VOC paint on the walls and non-toxic caulks, wood glues should be used for millwork.

    Recommendation: wood veneers, Caesarstone quartz.

    Below: From @aphrochic – “A little greenery and some artisan pieces create the perfect holiday tableau this year.”

    wellness design trends

    Create Natural Connections Throughout

    Another trend for 2021 is biophilic design – in keeping with holistically pleasing spaces.

    What this means is that you must have a visual connection to nature. In other words, you’re a plant Mom!

    Incorporating green spaces helps promote oxygen and celebrates natural grounding elements, but also think of the great IG photos you can take that will be the envy of all your friends.

    Right now there is an emphasis on rich textures and colors and patterns that speak to nature and more people are moving toward making indoors look like outdoors with lots of plants. 

    We can thank COVID for this!

    Below: Plants on display @nattygarden

    Screen Shot 2021 04 22 at 11.53.26 AM

    Use Light As Therapy

    Light therapy. Huh?! Never heard of this before, but I am down. 

    People have found themselves so stressed during this pandemic that they are looking for the best and might I say most quirky ways to deal with it.

    There are light fixtures that help kill bacteria and purify surfaces.

    Light therapy usually uses LED light with color temperatures that emulate calm and are empathic with our circadian rhythms. It boasts the ability to help boost, improve immune systems, and have many other health properties for the skin. 

    Vyv Inc’s website says “a century of study verified that everyday visible light could reduce surface contamination. All it took was the LED to make it real. They claim that their antimicrobial light continuously protects against viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold

    Below: Vyv Tech. offerings – humidifiers and lighting options.

    Screen Shot 2021 04 22 at 2.59.44 PM

    Get ‘Calm Effect’ Technology

    Last but not least…technology.

    Yes we are talking air-purification, sound-canceling, and white-noise technology. Why? Because people are looking for the ‘calm effect’ and since being outside has been challenging, people are trying to create the perfect healing environments indoors. Not mad at that.

    Seems a little excessive if you’re on a tight budget or perhaps tis recommendation applies better to large-scale projects.

    And there you have it! Four wellness design trends you can seamlessly implement into your spaces this Spring. 

    Whatever you decide fits in with your upgrades this year, we’re happy to push you along and keep you trendy. 


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