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    We are Stronger Together in the Fight For Equal Rights

    Dear sister,

    Have you been watching what’s going on?

    Wherever you are today, if you look outside your window or turn on your TV, you’ll see protests happening across the country.

    The black community is rising up over the death of George Floyd, and the continued scant courtesy for black bodies at the hands of police officers.

    Outside of the peaceful protests in some places, there is looting, burning, pepper spray, and tear gas. Countless protestors were arrested.

    Seems like the world has gone mad, but this feels different. 

    It seems like we’re all in it. On social media, white bodies are fighting along with us, sharing messages of compassion and love. We seemed to have forgotten about the pandemic.

    The pandemic at this point is less important than what we’re been fighting for the last 400 years. 

    We feel unified!

    Today, we are sharing this powerful message below from our sister, Felicia, of Sakred Soul.

    Take a listen!

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    A call for Spiritual Unity, Oneness, Harmony. As I look around and see the worlds affairs, I see what my eyes reveal to me, but as I close my eyes I see much more. I see human injustice. As a nation shifts from the fears of covid to the outrage, hurt and anger sparked by the death of #ripgeorgefloyd. Emotions are at an all time high. We went from socially distancing to standing side by side in protest. How much have you heard about covid lately? Throughout it all the common denominator here is US. We have more control over the narrative than we think. We Did that! We triggered a switch. This is a call for spirirual oneness, this is a call for harmony. This is not a time to divide based on color, instead its a a time to unite based on race, human race. Unite based on universal consciousness, the knowing that we are all One. I close my eyes to see, to see ourselves beyond what our eyes reveal, as true sight is revealed from within. Your eyes are the egos playground and manipulator of the mind, but the heart is your connection to ALL THAT IS/ God. It is not until we stop allowing our inflated ego, our bruised ego to give us a sense of validation, identity or existence through separation that things will change. It is not until we stop living by color codes, blue, white, black, yellow brown... that we will free ourselves from obligation and the limitations that identifying with these colors place upon us. People, my other selves, we are FREE, but yet we choose to trap ourselves in our beliefs, our CULTures. Close your eyes ... what do you feel? Can you even feel LOVE anymore? If not, we are losing connection to our Souls, universal Spirit/God/ All That Is. Once We loose that connection we are viewing ourselves as seperate beings, seperate from Spirit and there in lies the problem. How do we operate in unison when souls are straying away from the pact. We are all ONE. #strongertogether #georgefloyd #spiritualreniaissance #yoga #soulwork #egodeath #breathwork #ancientegypt #spiritualgangster #growth #meditation #spiritualhealth #soulwisdom #innerguidance #spiritualbeings #innerknowing #evolving #innerpeace #spiritualpower #soulhealing #freedom

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