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Today’s chat is with LJ Samuel, the Founder of Cupid’s Sting, an interpersonal violence reduction program, in response to the escalation in violence against women in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. 

Dr. L.J. Samuel, a criminologist with expertise in police-community relations, police misconduct, risk management, community engagement, and interpersonal violence.
In this episode, we talk about the staggering rise of domestic abuse during the pandemic and the work Samuel started at Howard University in 2015 of helping young women to identify interpersonal  violence in their relationships and holding young men accountable for their toxic behaviors. 


Episode Highlights with LJ Samuel

  • The staggering rise of domestic abuse during the pandemic
  • Holding young men accountable for their behaviors 
  • How organizations got creative with helping victims during the pandemic

Resources Mentioned 

Are you or do you know a victim of domestic abuse? Please feel free to utilize one of the resources listed.

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