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    Women Entrepreneurs pivot

    3 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Can Pivot in This New Normal

    The entrepreneurial world has been turned upside down with the onset of the pandemic, and everyone, especially women entrepreneurs, are forced to pivot to stay afloat.In our latest podcast interview with Tonnia Harry-Matthews, we chatted

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    Do it Yourself Hair Care When You Have No Other Choice

    Proper hair care may not be an immediate concern for you now that the world is partially opening up again, but knowledge is never a bad idea. We recognize that you may be back in

    black skin care

    5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Black Skin Care

    Do you struggle with maintaining a black skin care routine? Girl, me too! Everyone’s skin is unique. My black skin may not suffer the same conditions as yours, but one thing I know is we

    mindfulness meditation

    Mindfulness Meditation – the answer to finding peace in your life right now

    The world is in chaos all around us, but there are many ways to find peace in the madness but the most effective might just be mindfulness meditation.So what is it?Mindfulness meditation is a mental


    Warning Signs You’re in an Abusive Relationship and Need to Get Out Now

    Being in an abusive relationship makes you feel undervalued, disrespected, and unsafe. When people think of domestic abuse, they often focus on domestic violence.  So what is domestic abuse? Domestic abuse includes any attempt by

    sexual assault

    ‘On The Record’: Doc of Sexual Assault Allegations Against Russell Simmons, a Ray of Hope For Black Women in the #MeToo Era

    Sexual assault in the #MeToo Era. It's ongoing...and this week on the podcast we are talking about abuse - domestic, interpersonal, all of it.Now there's a fresh case that peaked my attention. Another Bill Cosby?

    franck v YKW0JjP7rlU unsplash

    How AI Can Help The Black Community Get Healthier

    It is no secret that African Americans suffer from a tremendous number of diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer to obesity.With scarce access to health resources across the Black community and the onset of COVID-19,

    cayo rf nappy 1

    5 ways to get motivated to move your body today and a little pep talk

    Girl, I know how hard it is to move your body. I know how hard it is between this new work from home situation, and the kids, the spouse, and just life in general... to

    black swimmers

    8 Black Swimmers You Should Know Just Because

    Did you know that the synchronized swimmers in Beyonce's new visual album ‘Black is King’ are from Jamaica?! They are black swimmers we should know! Jamaica Synchro. Get into them! They shared a clip of the visual


    Celebrities who ‘act out’ may be suffering mentally, more than we know

    Lately, it seems like many celebrities are 'acting out', but are we seriously considering that they may in fact be suffering mentally?Addressing Mental Health in our Black community is really critical right now. Why?Because in the

    high blood pressure AATS

    Have High Blood Pressure? Your Diet May Be Affecting Your Ability to Cure It

    High blood pressure or (hypertension) is (according to the Mayo Clinic), a common condition in which the long-term force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it may eventually cause health

    book of journaling prompts for anxiety

    8 Free Journaling Prompts For Anxiety That Benefits Your Wellbeing During The New Normal

    Using journaling prompts for anxiety is nothing new, but it may be new to you. Newsflash! It's good way to handle stress. In fact, journaling is listed as one of the best tools for stress

    Watch What You Eat

    Black Women, You Can Take Your Power Back If You Eat a Plant-Based Diet

    Eating a plant-based diet messes with the feel-good foods we need right now. Am I right, ladies?It's been a rough few months during quarantine, and I've never seen so much food being shared across social

    relieving stress and anxiety AATS

    How to Find Relief for your Stress and Anxiety So You Can Be More Relaxed

    Providing relief for stress and anxiety was the focus of the webinar we attended a few weeks ago. It was the last in the 3-part series of “How To Stay Healthy During The New Normal” with

    Public Health Crisis

    Black Health and Killing Black Americans are the Public Health Crises We Needed to Address a Long Time Ago

    When I first started penning this piece, I knew we were deep in the midst of a public health crisis. I knew it needed addressing but I did not anticipate having to address both the

    josh hild KRBrb8vRdKs unsplash

    We are Stronger Together in the Fight For Equal Rights

    Dear sister, Have you been watching what's going on? Wherever you are today, if you look outside your window or turn on your TV, you'll see protests happening across the country. The black community is

    jayson hinrichsen 2dsQWJVGGRo unsplash 1

    How Being Authentic Can Help You In Your Struggle to Stay Healthy and Well

    Being authentic is your path to staying healthy and well with everything that is going on in the country right now. I had an interesting conversation with my older friend, Betty, earlier this week. We

    runners article AATS

    Your Race is Yours and Yours Only, To Run At Your Own Pace

    "When anyone tells me I can't do anything, I'm just not listening anymore." - Florence Griffith Joyner, 3-Time Gold Olympian Dear Sister, As I lace up my running shoes and get ready to head in

    stay healthy AATS

    How to Stay Healthy During the New Normal (Part 2 of 3)

    This past Wednesday 20, we sat in for Part 2 of the "How To Stay Healthy During The New Normal" webinar with Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel and Joycelyn Francis. This session of the 3-part series covered

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