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    How Being Authentic Can Help You In Your Struggle to Stay Healthy and Well

    Being authentic is your path to staying healthy and well with everything that is going on in the country right now.

    I had an interesting conversation with my older friend, Betty, earlier this week. We were discussing how we all wear masks during our lives.

    Being in quarantine can bring a lot to the surface and challenge how you deal with your mental health.

    During the conversation, Betty said this to me,

    “When you’ve dealt with your inner child, you can put out into the world what your soul needs you to.”

    I thought this to be very profound and accurate.

    I’ve always had an obsession with being truly authentic with myself and others, and sharing this message.

    I believe life is easier when you are being real when you take off the masks to reveal your vulnerability. It makes you human and strikes a chord with those you interact with.

    At least for me.

    Besides, wearing masks is a burden? Why would you want to wear them your entire life?

    That is as much a literal fact now during COVID-19, as it is figuratively.

    You may be asking, well how does this relate to being ‘well’?


    The Inner Child Theory Explained

    As it turns out, being fully authentic starts with the inner child. 

    To give you some a broader perspective I did some research on childhood trauma and this theory.

    This is what it says.

    The general idea is that we all have a childlike aspect within our unconscious mind. The inner child can be seen as a ‘subpersonality’, a side of your character that can take over when you are faced with a challenge. The inner child reflects the child we once were in both his or her ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ aspects.

    To put it simply, if your inner child was neglected, you may be still acting like a child in your adult life because you continued to use it as a coping mechanism.

    I spoke with a Kassia Ringell, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW, and her advice on this wellness topic is that you aren’t supposed to grow out of your inner child, but learn how to cope with it by teaching the adult how to parent the child.

    She also advised that those of us who cope very well can self soothe, and self regulate. We can kick into our adult brains as needed. Others who have difficulty doing this make decisions in childish ways. They sometimes act needy and out of control. (Think Amy Cooper.)

    As adults, they hide behind their inner child. The magical little person who was once filled with joy and curiosity learned how to adapt in order to be accepted and survive.

    authentic self

    The path to health and wellness requires authenticity

    Unfortunately, survival is not intended for inner peace

    Being truly authentic is the road to happiness. And only when you are happy and feel free can you give to the world what it needs from you. 

    As hard as I know this time has been for you and others, I do see a rainbow in the darkness of this new normal, in the time it is allowing for you to make shifts.

    Regarding your personal wellness, and the outlook of your immediate future, this time in quarantine is as good as any to use your inner child to put your life into perspective.

    How can you have a healthy, honest, transparent, authentic relationship with the world if you are not true to yourself? 

    If you are in a place in your life where you feel stuck or where things feel chaotic, realize that you don’t have to give in to any of it or be a victim of your circumstances.

    This is a great time to go inward. Allow yourself to play a game with your inner child to fully fall in love with yourself and your life again.

    You can let your inner child be heard. This is when it is positive to your overall health and wellness to let your inner child take over.

    Let young you loose! The young you that felt unsupported in your dreams, left behind when no one would listen to you, the young you that was picked on by classmates, left behind when your parents both worked two jobs, or, the young you that was told, “you will never amount to anything.”

    Give young you a hug today! Make it part of your #selfcaresunday routine.


    Use your inner child wisdom to be more authentic

    With all that’s going on in the media at the moment, let young you know you are here, ready to listen and take action.

    Now is the time to ask for what you really want, and be fully authentic about it. Remember without clarity, you won’t have desires.

    You’ve been conditioned to seek out what you were told you should want, so when something happens like this pandemic or a layoff, your life is thrown out of balance.

    While you wait for life to unfold, allow yourself to dream, and feel empowered to live your dreams.

    Take yourself back to when you felt free enough to dare think about a different life.

    Most importantly, let yourself be led to what it is that your soul needs to give this world. It is why you’re here.

    Happy Sunday!


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