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    Brianna Lackwood

    Brianna Lackwood is a creative student studying Linguistics and African American studies. One of her joys is cooking a good plant-based meal and eating it of course. She loves to experiment with her foods, often combining traditions from her Caribbean and Central American roots. If she’s not in the kitchen she’s probably reading, singing, or working out. One of her favorite dishes is Curry Chana and Potatoes which she especially enjoys with Dhal Puri or Paratha Roti. She is an advocate for intuitive eating and wants to continue to honor her blackness either by continuing to share her work with her community or offering a space mutual space for curiosity and advice through her Instagram page She hopes to continue to pursue the intersections of all of her lines of creative and academic passions.

    Black Women, You Can Take Your Power Back If You

    Eating a plant-based diet messes with the feel-good foods we need right now. Am I right, ladies? It’s been a rough few months during quarantine, and I’ve never seen so much food being shared across social networks and via text. Cooking was necessary because for one, we did not have any other option with restaurants […]Read More