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All About The Sisters is a digital wellness platform for women of color focused on linking women of color to consumer products/services

Our mission is to champion everything health and wellness that every black woman becomes more informed choices about their health. 

It is our hope that those of you who land here would find some advice, a lead, or tip, to enhance and/or improve your overall health and wellness.

A Brief History

In 2016, this movement was started with the initial intention to create a radical self-care space for women of color to thrive in.

In partnership with a close friend, we hosted hikes to upstate New York, hosted Sunday meetups we dubbed “In the Living Room” where moms met to de-stress and talk self-care, and/or meditate.

That was the beginning. This is the continuation.

Relaunch Efforts 2020. Why Now?

With the onset of COVID-19, we’ve all been given the gift of time. Time to catch up, time to reflect, and time to take action on things you’ve long left undone. We are here to remind you that no matter what stage of life you’re at, you deserve to live ‘well’.

And that means it’s not just about being one-sided, but taking a balanced and holistic view at your health and wellness. It is time to go deeper!

We encourage you to take this journey with us as a woman of color, engaging in discussions via our Podcast, sharing in our directory of Resources within, joining our Membership community and embracing wellness change for yourself and your family.

Welcome to All About The Sisters!


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