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Fans of the podcast are excited about the info being shared through the conversations with black thought leaders in the wellness community who so willingly share their insights, and provide solutions so you can take action about your health and wellness.


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Ep. 11 The Courage To Be Your Authentic Self with Rev Kyndra Frazier

Rev Frazier small

Today, I’m chatting with Rev. Kyndra Frazier. She is a licensed clinician in the state of New York, and the Founder and CEO of KYND (Knowing Yourself In Need of Devotion) Consulting, Inc. 

KYND offers trauma-informed care through a variety of services from clinical therapy for individuals, families, and couples to a 7-week trauma-informed training for ecclesial communities and corporate entities.

Rev Frazier is known for her work in removing barriers to mental health access for communities of color. She has been featured in multiple print and digital publications including Vice Magazine, New York Times, and Sojourners Magazine.

In this episode, we talk about the courage to be your authentic self. As a queer leader, we chat about Christian fundamentalism, the challenging work of love, and the intersection of mental health in individuals who fear being their authentic selves.


Episode Highlights with Rev. Kyndra Frazier

LGBTQ community

Christian fundamentalism

Coming out and the impact on mental health

What Love means

Being your authentic self


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Ep. 10 You’re More Than a Small Business, You’re a Tech Enterprise With Marsha Guerrier


In this episode I’m chatting with Marsha Guerrier, bestselling author, speaker, trainer, business analyst, and coach. She is the CEO of Women on the Rise NY, Inc. dba HerSuiteSpot.

She’s held a career in the Financial Investment and FinTech industries spanning over 20 years working for Fortune 500 and startup firms, working in areas of Systems Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, and Product Management. She is also the founder and Executive Director of the Yva Jourdan Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to mentor women and young girls of color through entrepreneurship. 


We talk about a small business mindset vs entrepreneurship mindset, how you can pivot your business to withstand the digital world, and why you should think of your company as a tech company. If you’re a small business owner stuck and need to know your next move, this conversation can help you get some clarity.


Episode Highlights with Marsha Guerrier

  • Small Business mindset vs Entrepreneurship mindset
  • How you can pivot your business to withstand the digital world
  • Why you should think of your company as a tech company


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Ep. 9 Decoding Women’s Health with Dr. Shavon

Screen Shot 2020 05 21 at 6.02.46 PM

In this episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel, a licensed naturopathic doctor, who brings more than a decade of influence as a natural health authority.

Dr. Shavon delivers personalized wellness care to women struggling with hormonal and metabolic concerns and couples looking for integrative/natural fertility options. She also focuses on ‘sustainable self-care and working on the development of online courses that teach wellness fundamentals that help people take greater initiative in their healthcare journey.

In this episode, we talk about Women’s Health in its interactive and holistic sense; how lifestyle affects your body and determines how healthy and dis-ease free you are.
Topics discussed include the effect of diet, stress, and hormones, and how this relates to fertility and premature delivery in African American women. 
Dr. Shavon also shares tips on minimal actions for general health and well-being.


Episode Highlights with Dr. Shavon

  • Hormone Health
  • Fibroids
  • Premature Delivery
  • Xenoestrogens


Resources Mentioned 


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Ep. 8 How to Reimagine & Push the Limits of Business Post-COVID with Tonnia Harry-Matthews

Screen Shot 2020 09 21 at 1.11.22 PM

In this episode, I’m chatting with Tonnia Harry-Matthews of Tonnia Theory, a boutique business consulting firm founded in 2016 to provide strategic actionable solutions to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Tonnia is a small business consultant and coach. She helps entrepreneurs start, grow, and transform their new or existing businesses to maximize the value delivered through solutions that best suit their needs.

In this episode, we talk about reimagining business in this changing virtual landscape, how to pivot as small business owners and entrepreneurs, how to leverage strengths, and when to seek help. 
We also discuss how social media should play a part in your overall business strategy.


Episode Highlights with Tonnia

  • 3 things to help you pivot in these changing times.
  • Business Models
  • The business behind your business
  • How to use social media for your business
  • Being reactive vs proactive


Resources Mentioned 

Ep. 7 Caring For Your Skin with Glenise Gomez

IMG 20200325 212723 561

In this episode, I chat is with Glenise Gomez of Skin Ethiks

Glenise is a a NYS Licensed Esthetician, Laser Technician, Master Skincare Therapist, and also a NYS Certified Esthetic Educator. 
She founded Skin Ethiks, a multifaceted business that educates the public and beauty professionals on the importance of ethical skincare for the melanin dominated. They provide custom blends of products tailored especially for you.

In this episode, we talk about caring for your skin in this pandemic and the unique issues we face being inside for long periods of time. We touch on why we need sunscreen both when we’re inside and outside, and how to choose products that actually work for our unique skin types.


Episode Highlights with Glenise

  • Skin hydration
  • Why we need sunscreen
  • what you need at a bare minimum to take care of your skin
  • How to choose products at big beauty stores
  • how to treat skin if you can’t afford pricey products
  • Can you use petroleum jelly?


Resources Mentioned 


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Ep. 6 What You Are Really Being Called To Do In This Pandemic with Felicia Hinds-Patrick

Screen Shot 2020 08 30 at 10.23.13 AM

Today’s chat is with Felicia Hinds-Patrick of Sakred Soul. She is a Spiritual Life Coach and an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner. 
Through her work, she shows you who you truly are at the soul level. She will reveal your specific soul gifts and how you can use these gifts to create the life you want. She will also tell you how you may be blocking yourself from fully utilizing these gifts to create abundance and what you truly want. 

In this episode, we talk about the call to action within this pandemic, why it had to happen, and how we need to respond. We also discuss meditation for beginners, simple techniques, and how the Ego tries to control us. 


Episode Highlights with Felicia

  • Unity
  • Why we are not separate beings 
  • Meditation for those who find it difficult
  • Dying to our Ego Self


Resources Mentioned


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Ep. 5 Surviving Domestic Violence During The Pandemic with LJ Samuel

LJ Samuel Head Shot L.J. Samuel

Today’s chat is with LJ Samuel, the Founder of Cupid’s Sting, an interpersonal violence reduction program, in response to the escalation in violence against women in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. 

Dr. L.J. Samuel, a criminologist with expertise in police-community relations, police misconduct, risk management, community engagement, and interpersonal violence.
In this episode, we talk about the staggering rise of domestic abuse during the pandemic and the work Samuel started at Howard University in 2015 of helping young women to identify interpersonal  violence in their relationships and holding young men accountable for their toxic behaviors. 

Episode Highlights with LJ Samuel

  • The staggering rise of domestic abuse during the pandemic
  • Holding young men accountable for their behaviors 
  • How organizations got creative with helping victims during the pandemic


Resources Mentioned 


Are you or do you know a victim of domestic abuse? Please feel free to utilize one of the resources listed.

Ep. 4 Taking Charge of Your Personal Health with Michael McNair

Screen Shot 2020 08 16 at 2.38.54 PM

Today’s chat is with Michael McNair, the Co-founder of Simpa, “A personal health advocate”. He has worked on projects in Virtual, Augmented, and Xtended reality technologies.  

In this episode, we talk health risks in the black community and the problem with the healthcare system as it is; how Simpa will revolutionize personal healthcare for individuals and a little bit of nerdy talk, mostly about neuroscience.


Episode Highlights with Michael McNair

  • Why we don’t trust doctors and the healthcare system
  • Leadership in entrepreneurship 
  • Features of Simpa 


Resources Mentioned

Ep. 3 Moving Your Body Matters with Joycelyn Francis

Joy podcast photo

Today, I’m chatting with Joycelyn Francis of JoyFit World, a NASM Certified Fitness Coach with over 4 years of experience whose mantra is “Changing the world One feeling at a time, with One movement at a time”.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she has used movement as a tool to overcome mental and emotional trauma. She is passionate about helping to empower women on their healing journey using fitness. 

In this episode, we talk about why movement is important for our bodies, the connection between proper nutrition and fitness, and the biggest barrier people have in staying fit.


Episode Highlights with Joycelyn Francis

  • How nutrition and movement go hand in hand
  • Positivity and self-care are synonymous 
  • Movement everyday is the key to optimal health 


Resources Mentioned 


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Ep. 2 Shattering the Myth That Black People Can’t Swim With Paulana Lamonier

DSC04818 Paulana Lamonier

I chat here with Paulana Lamonier of Black People Will Swim, a social platform with a mission to encourage 2,020 Black people to learn to swim this year.

In this episode, we talk about we talk about the stereotypes about black people and swimming, why we should talk to our kids about stereotypes, how this becomes an important part of the Black Lives Matter movement, and why you should simply take your kids to swim class. 

And yourself too. Forget about your hair!


Episode Highlights With Paulana Lamonier

  • Talking to your kids about Black stereotypes
  • Taking kids to swim class
  • Why it’s important to shatter stereotypes in the fight for Black Lives Matter
  • The importance of having role models in sports


Resources Mentioned 


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